Seven B2B Marketing Blogs, Twitter Handles and Thought Leaders to Know

It took me several years to build up the baseline of stories and experiences to power this blog. Along the way, these are seven Twitter handle and blog pairings that I found to be incredibly useful as sources of best practices and insights that stand out from the pack. I want to thank them for taking the time to document and share so many educational materials, and hopefully I can take what I’ve learned and pass along to others. 

1) Michael Brenner has been a top resource for B2B Marketing Best Practices with particular focus on Content Marketing. 

On Twitter: @BrennerMichael


2) SiriusDecisions has gone from good to great, expanding their range of topics and authors significantly. This blog will provide a constant stream of best practices and help motivate you to strive for continuous improvement within your B2B marketing organization.

On Twitter: @SiriusDecisions


3) Marketo has been a top notch content marketing organization for several years now, and when their co-founder Jon Miller takes the time to Tweet something, it has a very high likelihood to contain pealrs of wisdom. They cover broad marketing topics but the sweet spot is closed loop marketing and marketing automation.

On Twitter: @JonMiller & @Marketo


4) The practices of Content Marketing have been around for years and years, but the guy who has done a phenomenal job packaging it for the masses, and articulating how to be a world class content marketer, is Joe Pulizzi and his Content Marketing Institute. Their twitter handle and site are loaded with practitioner level how to guides.

On Twitter: @JoePulizzi


5) Search Engine Optimization is a fast moving specialization; Eric Enge and his Stone Temple Consulting have stayed a half-step ahead of Google while establishing a set of best practices for “off-page activities” which are the make or break – need to avoid the issues or year’s past and off page SEO represents the biggest upside opportunity.

On Twitter: @StoneTemple


6) Scott Brinker has been an advocate for the marketing technologist role and sharing insights and best practices in a range of related topics including marketing automation and digital marketing.

On Twitter: @ChiefMarTec


7) Maribeth Ross has recently moved to Aberdeen in the Chief Content Officer role, and Aberdeen has just come out with the CMO Essentials site which I expect will prove to be a source for valuable and fresh insights.

On Twitter: @MaribethRoss, @CMOEssentials